Secure Your PC With AVG Antivirus Installation

You may face several technical problems when any malicious program will get an entry into your system. Some of the technical problems are software taking more than normal time in responding, a few of the programs aren’t functioning properly, etc.. If you would like to save your system from any error, then you need to install an updated antivirus in your system. An array of antivirus programs can be found in the market such as AVG, Norton, etc.. In this guide, the light will be shed on AVG antivirus installation.

AVG antivirus is integrated with a number of new and improved features. It is made up of LinkScanner busy surf-shield, making sure the page you’re going to see is safe. This antivirus comprises search-shield so as to apply security ratings to the search result of Google, MSN, and Yahoo. AVG antivirus protects you from phishing attacks, to be able to safeguard your confidential information.

It provides you the facility to download and swap files with no chance of virus infection. This antivirus comprises an email scanner, which keeps you protected from harmful attachments and hyperlinks in your email. AVG antivirus ensures that most complex threats remain away from the PC. AVG antivirus has the facility to upgrade itself to be able to protect you against the latest threats. Follow the following steps to download and install AVG antivirus 9.0 in your system:

STEP 1: You can download AVG antivirus from the official site by clicking on the”Download AVG now” button.

STEP 2: Click on the “Save” button, once you’re prompted, and choose a location where the setup file should be saved.

STEP 3: Close all running programs, and find the downloaded AVG installation file. Then double click on its setup file so as to launch.

STEP 4: Pick your installation language and click “Next”.

STEP 5: Check the”I’ve read the license agreement” checkbox and click on the Accept button.

STEP 6: In this measure, the AVG setup wizard will check for any incompatible software on your computer.

If any incompatible program is located, the AVG setup wizard will notify you about it.

STEP 7: click the”Uninstall Software button” to start the Windows Add or Remove programs dialog, and then eliminate that program from your system.

STEP 8: Click “Custom Setup”, on the Select Setup Type page.

STEP 9: Enter your”AVG license number”, click on the following button.

STEP 10: Select these components, which you would like to install, and then click on the”Next” button to proceed with the setup.

After the installation of AVG antivirus 9.0 in your system, you can protect it from malicious applications. After the installation of AVG antivirus on your system, you may face issues while uninstallation of the program. This app can corrupt the iTunes setup after eliminating its DLL files. It’s suggested that you ought to put in a real copy of AVG antivirus 9.0 in your system to be able to protect it from malicious applications.