Cisco CIUS Secure Enterprise Android Tablet Product Review

Cisco’s new venture Android tablet, the Cisco CIUS, differs from all of the other Android pills available. It’s not designed for the consumer market, but for the very different enterprise business marketplace. You won’t find this in stores, and unless a company has a lot of things working on the rear end, it’s nothing different than any other Android tablet. This is a challenging product to classify since the pill aspect is just 1 part of its capacities.

Additionally, it is a telephone, desktop video conferencing device, and digital desktop endpoint. Furthermore, it’s designed from the ground up to be secure. With all these capabilities, it may be an extremely handy device for organizations that are ready to make the most of all it can provide. The one that sent first is the 7″ version and is the one which I have been using and demonstrating to people. There’s a rumor of a 10″ version available shortly, but no verification.

The most engaging part of the presentations that we’ve been doing for clients is the High Definition video conferencing client using either the front or rear cameras. The HD video works at 720p with 30 fps and is a high-quality video conference. It’s a really distinct video calling experience than one gets from Google Talk or Skype, which can be reduced resolution with a lower frame rate. Memory: 1 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash Camera: rear and front-facing 1280 x 720, 5 megapixels Can be powered by 802.3at, PoE course 4 Enterprise tablet that’s manageable with a controlled App shop.

Cisco IP Telephony endpoint with voice and video calls. Demands additional Cisco software to take full advantage of capacities. There are some different back end programs that are essential to put into place to provide the Cisco CIUS basic operation. The CIUS can function as a complete Android tablet computer with access to the Google Apps Market only, but I hope that many organizations aren’t going to need to restrict it to being only a tablet computer.

The first application to install for Enterprise deployment of the Cisco CIUS is the Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 8.5.1 or later. This program provisions and upgrades the Cisco CIUS. It helps the organization to make an internal App shop, with applications which could be pulled from the Cisco App store and the Android sector. This addresses multiple concerns, though it’s required to prepare an account at Cisco that has an extra fee. The first is that only Programs that are accepted can be loaded on the organization’s CIUS’s.

The second is block or site user licensing for purchased applications. The CIUS docking station enhances the capability of the pill significantly. I’ve found that maintaining the dock plugged into an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse enhances the usability of several programs and is practically a requirement given the small size The video output ports on both pier and tablet support both VGA and HDMI, 1 drawback is that the low external resolution dimensions, which is limited to 1024×640 pixels. The CIUS docking station turns the Cisco CIUS to a complete Cisco IP phone. The best way to utilize a Cisco IP phone is to connect it to some Cisco Communications Manager server. The Cisco Communications manager may be the business’s whole phone system, and it’s currently the #1 transport business phone system on earth, so there are a number of organizations