Intelligent automation delivers operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and better customer experiences

Intelligent automation enables banks and financial services companies to transform manual, data-intensive operations while meeting stringent and constantly changing regulatory requirements.

Improve customer service. Reduce risk. Strengthen compliance. But wait, there’s more.

Reduce cost.

Improve productivity and reduce labor expenses by automating manual and data-intensive processes.

Rapid ROI.

Deploy Robotic Process Automation within 3 months and realize immediate return on investment.

Strengthen compliance.

Seamlessly access customer data to improve KYC/AML analysis, automate ongoing transaction monitoring, and track regulatory changes.

Improve customer service.

Get real-time access to customer information, accelerate customer request resolution, and identify additional product/service needs.

Streamline operations & reduce risk.

Simplify and automate manual processes, eliminate processing errors, and reduce operational risk.

Increase resource capacity.

Deploy Digital Workers to augment employees and provide additional capacity to manage peak processing volumes.

Automation saved Santander 30,000+ hours in customer service delivery time last year

Centralized RPA deployment enabled Santander to rapidly automate front- and back-office processes, resulting in accelerated service to customers


Automation allows employees time to focus on work that brings the customer value, work that makes a difference to them.


Nina Møller Process Owner, Backoffice Process Owner

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Hours saved in customer service delivery


Delays for customer account changes


Saved on systems migration


Bots in production

Think of RPA bots as your data logistics team

KYC/AML Compliance

Use RPA and IQ Bot to ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, and develop an accurate client risk profile, support fraud identification, and conduct ongoing account monitoring.

Customer Onboarding

Automate new account setup activities and streamline data collection from internal and external systems for Customer Due Diligence, distribute welcome packets, and update CRM systems with new customer data.

Mortgage/Loan Origination

Apply intelligent automation to extract and index documents, order third-party reports (credit, appraisal, title, flood certification), validate loan data, and streamline loan underwriting.

Customer Service

Enable CSRs with RPA attended automation to access and aggregate data across multiple systems, handle change requests, cross-sell financial products, and interact with underwriters/supervisors in real time.

Automate complex and data-intensive processes end to end

See how intelligent automation helps financial services keep up with customer expectations and increase operational flexibility.

Take the most direct route to automation success in banking and financial services

Easily manage large, complex, and cross-functional automation programs with the unified, intelligent Automation Success Platform.


Apply deep, accurate, and actionable details on every process to identify automation opportunities at scale, understand operational misses caused by errors, and root out process inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

IQ Bot

Extract, organize, and validate information from unstructured data to accelerate application processing, support KYC (Know Your Customer) and fraud detection, and expedite account opening and closing.

IQ Bot
RPA Workspace

Put flexible intelligent automation tools to work on any business process to elevate the entire client life-cycle management process, ensure timely submissions of regulatory reporting, and improve productivity and process execution.

RPA Workspace
Bot Insight

Improve with complete, real-time analytics at the bot, process and business levels to monitor the results of existing digital transformation efforts, ensure policy and procedural compliance, and strengthen controls such as BSA / AML / KYC.

Bot Insight
Bot Store

Expand automation with ready-to-deploy RPA bots and Digital Workers. Shorten time to value and simplify automating complex financial services and banking processes with pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations.

Bot Store

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How automation improves banking

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