How to raise a population?


Don't you know how to raise population?

The point is to send your link of your state as much people as possible, which gonna click to this link and become inhabitants of your state. Then your population will increase. Each person can become inhabitant once a day (every 24 hours). It means, that you can send link every day if the time-limit (24 hours) elapsed, than your population can increase again.

Who shall I send the link?

Everyone :) Send the link to your friends, send emails, you can also send links via ICQ and so on. Show your link in phorums, chats, just anywhere you can to get people to your state.

Which link shall I send?

You can copy the link from the page of your state or you can just change the STATE on your name of the state.

For example:Let's say you just established a state whose name is Romania. Than your link will be