Apply RPA to manage risk, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

From underwriting to customer service, apply the power of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (RPA+AI) in insurance to the most mundane yet complex activities including:

  • Data extraction from a wide array of documents

  • Collecting and organizing vast data sets

  • Swiftly responding to customer requests

  • Identifying cross-selling opportunities

Discover the benefits of intelligent automation for insurance operations

Reduce costs.

Streamline insurance operations and improve productivity by automating repetitive processes.

Accelerate claims handling.

Automate document processing and claims workflow to improve timeliness and accuracy.

Enhance underwriting.

Improve access to internal and external data sources to enrich risk analysis and product development.

Improve customer service.

Provide real-time access to ,a href="/solutions/contact-center">customer data and accelerate completion of customer requests.

Increase policyholder retention.

Identify retention risks and proactively offer products/services to meet customer needs.

Empower human resources.

Free-up employees to perform value-adding analytical activities.

RPA drives digital transformation at scale for Dia-ichi Life insurance company

Dai-ichi Life chooses Automation Anywhere for exceptional ease of use that allows users to create bots without prior programming knowledge.


We are saving 132,000 hours annually by implementing RPA to perform 460 tasks across the company.


Kei Maedomari Life Insurance Manager, Business Process Planning Department, Dai-ichi Life Insurance

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Hours saved annually


Tasks Automated


Departments Using RPA

RPA is ready to work within every department and function, including across legacy systems

claims management

Eliminate manual data extraction for claims management

IQ bot extracts data from claim loss forms, damage estimates, physician statements, etc. RPA facilitates coverage verification, triage and assignment of claims. Bot Insight provides analytics related to claims volume, frequency, severity, type, status, closure time, etc.

underwriting data

Collect, organize, and aggregate all underwriting data, hands-free

IQ Bot extracts data from risk submission forms and external databases to assist with risk analysis and pricing for commercial insurance applications. RPA aggregates and formats data for underwriting and actuarial analysis. Attended automation enables underwriters to collaborate with CSRs and agents selling commercial insurance policies.

Improve customer experience with a little help from RPA bots

Improve customer experience with a little help from RPA bots

RPA attended automation enables customer service representatives to quickly aggregate customer and product information, address service requests, cross-sell insurance products, and interact with underwriters in real-time.

Automate complex Insurance processes end to end

See how intelligent automation helps accelerate everything from claims handling to product development.

Drive operational agility and speed from claims velocity to customer experience with the Automation Success Platform

Eliminate the backlog of document-intensive processes that continue to tie up resources and keep insurers from improving process effectiveness across the business. The Automation Success Platform works across legacy systems, enabling immediate productivity and customer experience gains.


Apply deep, accurate, and actionable details on every process to identify automation opportunities at scale, understand operational misses caused by errors, and root out process inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

IQ Bot

Extract, organize, and validate information from unstructured data such as claims loss forms, damage estimates, and databases to drive risk analysis.

RPA Workspace

Put flexible intelligent automation tools to work on any business process to accelerate triage and assigment of claims, aggregate actuarial data sources, and improve underwriter-CSR collaboration with attended bots.

Bot Insight

Improve with complete, real-time analytics at the bot, process and business levels to automatically uncover claims processing perfomance metrics from volume to closure time.

Bot Store

Expand automation with ready-to-deploy RPA bots and Digital workers. Shorten time to value and simplify automating complex insurance processes like risk assessments with pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations.


See how RPA is transforming insurance


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RPA for insurance webinar

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