Fuel Innovation

Fuel innovation while reducing cost and time to market

Leading manufacturers are automating back-office and operational processes to eliminate waste and increase agility, while at the same time reducing costs, speeding up time-to-market, and enabling innovation to flourish.

Maximize productivity. Minimize errors. Reimagine manufacturing operations with RPA.

Make every business process lean

RPA enables manufacturers to eliminate process and workflow waste across the enterprise.

Reduce costs in back-office

Eliminate human error and increase compliance in business processes from HR to IT.

Build a resilient supply chain

Apply RPA+AI to make supply chain processes like onboarding new vendors more agile.

Increase go-to-market speed

Deploy a Digital Workforce for faster process execution and maximal productivity.

Connect systems and access real-time data

RPA works seamlessly across systems and can process loT data and analyze information instantly.

Upgrade post-sale customer experience

Drive loyalty with real-time data from RPA bots to improve support processes and anticipate customer needs.


In year one of applying intelligent automation to business processes, Stanley Black & Decker exceeded target savings by 124%


“Our corporate goal is to reach $22 billion of revenue by the year 2022. The only way to scale that much is to do things better. Automation is allowing us to do that.”


—Cynthia Holmecki, Global Leader Intelligent Automation Solutions, Stanley Black & Decker



savings in 2018


bots in production


journal entries at monthly close

RPA is ready to tackle your toughest processes

Automate ERP Processes

Improve efficiency by applying RPA bots to handle creating and disseminating reports, process invoices and check payment status against SLAs, and monitor and manage inventory.

Purchase Order Processing

Automate invoice processing for all vendors and eliminate errors and delays. RPA can extract invoice data in any format, request approvals, monitor payment status, and update systems.

Inventory Management

RPA bots can work around the clock to track inventory, delivering real-time reporting and inventory analysis to help you keep pace with demand fluctuations.

Customer/Vendor Support

Get attended RPA bots that work together with your support team. Bots handle the data and systems so your teams can focus on service level and customer/vendor relationships.

Lean into the future of manufacturing with intelligent automation

See how you can apply RPA to swiftly adapt and optimize the complex, intertwined processes that define the manufacturing value chain.

Harness the power of a Digital Workforce to transform manufacturing operations

Increase the speed of operations and keep pace with connected manufacturing with the Automation Success Platform


Apply deep, accurate, and actionable details on every process to identify automation opportunities at scale, understand operational misses caused by errors, and root out process inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

IQ Bot

Extract, organize, and validate information from unstructured data to automate document-heavy processes such as QA, order management, and invoice processing.

RPA Workspace

Put flexible intelligent automation tools to work on any business process. Simplify compliance and audit with automated reporting and optimize transportation management and bill of materials with error-free process execution.

Bot Insight

Improve with complete, real-time analytics at the bot, process and business levels to monitor performance and efficiency across production and business systems and empower process transformation.

Bot Store

Expand automation with ready-to-deploy RPA bots and Digital Workers. Shorten time to value and simplify automating complex supply chain processes with pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations.


See what a Digital Workforce can do for manufacturers


Bridge supply chain gaps with automation

Minimize impact of supply chain disruptions

Supply chain disruptions? Discover the benefits of bot-driven supply chain management.


The Kraft Heinz automation journey

The story of Kraft Heinz’s digital transformation from pre-design to post-implementation


loT + Automation

What’s the connection between IoT and RPA, how does it work, and why does it have unlimited potential?


Getting closer to zero-defects

Free up human workers for higher-value tasks with intelligent automation and you not only gain a more productive workforce, but errors are eliminated, and costs are reduced.


Vale and the automation-productivity relationship

With 1000+ RPA bots at work, Vale increases workforce productivity and saves $12M.


Stant sees breakout results with RPA

Stant revs their automation engine with RPA and achieves standout financial and operating results.


Winning over a hesitant workforce with RPA ROI

RPA bots quickly prove their value, winning over a reluctant workforce at NSG Group.

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