Jan 27, 2023

The perception of cloud technology is rapidly evolving from being a cost-effective solution to modern business challenges to an integral, defining characteristic of the technology stack in any forward-thinking organization. That makes Automation Anywhere's cloud-first approach to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence(AI) not just innovative, but necessary to align with customer expectations.

Jan 23, 2023

Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder of US-based Automation Anywhere, speaks to Pranjal Sharma in Davos about the importance of automation. Shukla says automation will create more jobs while helping professionals become better-skilled.

Jan 22, 2023

India has been a great source of talent and innovation for us and it continues to be. We are strengthening our place in India with two resource and development centres in Bengaluru and Baroda, said Shukla

Dec 22, 2022

Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation (RPA) software provider plans to enhance its platform by developing product discovery capabilities, voice-enabling robotic interface, and updating citizen developer user experience in a bid to provide a simple yet intuitive customer experience on the cloud, said Prince Kohli, CTO of Automation Anywhere.

Dec 20, 2022

Stephanie Ball from ERP Today, narrates the story of how experts at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, developed a solution, in just six hours, named 'Oxybot'.

Dec 20, 2022

Kenny Mullican spoke to Prince Kohli, CTO, Automation Anywhere to gain a better understanding of what differentiates us, as well as insight into how its technology might benefit manufacturing companies.

Nov 20, 2022

James Maguire, eWeek's Editor-in-Chief spoke to Mike Micucci, COO at Automation Anywhere, about the "automation economy" and the trends that are driving the AI/automation sector.

Nov 17, 2022

Raj Mistry, EVP - Europe and Middle East at Automation Anywhere, highlighted how the company is creating an automation economy, and said that it is on a mission to allow everyone to automate through any application.

Nov 04, 2022

Is the "digital workforce" now a reality? Witness the acceptance of an intelligent virtual assistant as a full-fledged member of the workforce at Humana, one of North America's largest health insurers and providers.

Jun 13, 2022

CPP Associates said the ROI on robotic process automation is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Jun 10, 2022

The concept of an autonomous enterprise is becoming more real as enterprises combine technologies to automate all kinds of human work. Welcome to the 'Autonomous Revolution.'

Jun 06, 2022

Nancy Hauge, Chief People Experience Officer at Automation Anywhere, talks empathy and compassion in the workplace

May 31, 2022

Nancy Hauge, chief people experience officer at Automation Anywhere, talks about company and personal value alignment

May 26, 2022

Automation Anywhere quoted in this piece that talks about the challenges faced by businesses to meet the objectives set during implementing a digital transformation plan

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