Streamline telecom operations and improve margins with automation

Telecom companies need ways to converge systems, organize data, and personalize the user experience—all without disruption or cost to the business. RPA enables telecom companies to leverage a Digital Workforce to connect disparate data and systems, freeing teams for customer-facing opportunities while keeping operational costs down.

Realize the benefits of automating front- and back-office telecom operations with RPA

New services provisioning

Streamline customer account management including provisioning of new lines and services.

Upgrade contact center experiences

Minimize customer wait times by enabling support staff with agility to handle customer needs quickly.

Increase operational performance

Automating network management enables telecom leaders to take organizations from reactive to proactive.

Reduce errors in back-office tasks

Automate routine data entry for error-free information to make strategic and agile decisions.

Connect disparate systems

Automate data sharing between network and service with RPA to seamlessly transfer data, error-free.

Maintain compliance

Ensure constant access to compliance information by automating the continuous collection of system data needed to support industry regulations.

Bouygues Telecom automates across the business and achieves 400% savings

Intelligent automation is key for Bouygues Telecom to compete and win while putting customer experience first by achieving high-efficiency and error-free operations.


“The extremely positive first-year results have created a viral effect. Today, we are seeing exponential earnings growth.”


—Antoine Geoffroy, Head of IT Innovation



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Deploy a Digital Workforce to automate and transform telecom operations

Automate Network Operations Center (NOC) functions

Automate Network Operations Center (NOC) functions

Automate mission-critical operations management including ticketing, alerts, and remote diagnostics. Use intelligent automation to aggregate and align multiple data sets in the NOC.

Ensure continuity of service

Deploy a vigilant digital response with RPA to prevent network compromise and ensure continuity of service, especially in the face of a crisis. Rely on a Digital Workforce to manage potential network issues.

Fuel growth and innovation with data

RPA creates a unified view of all data and reporting, uniting data from disparate and siloed systems. Realize incomparable visibility and analysis to enable top-tier service and fuel growth and innovation.

Connect data and systems. Streamline customer experiences. Drive transformation with RPA+AI.

See how intelligent automation helps connect disparate business systems and organize and transfer data—especially unstructured data—from legacy systems, while empowering data-driven customer experiences.

Create high-speed change in Telecom with end-to-end intelligent automation

Increase agility and efficiency across Telecom operations and customer experiences with the Automation Success Platform


Apply deep, accurate, and actionable details on every process to identify automation opportunities at scale, understand operational misses caused by errors, and root out process inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

IQ Bot

Extract, organize, and validate information from unstructured data to automate data collection from customer orders, incident tickets, and supplier invoices.

IQ Bot
RPA Workspace

Put flexible intelligent automation tools to work on any business process from provisioning services, to tracking regulatory compliance, to personalizing customer experiences.

RPA Workspace
Bot Insight

Improve with complete, real-time analytics at the bot, process and business levels to lower service costs, drive expansion, and respond to key performance indicators (KPIs).

Bot Insight
Bot Store

Expand automation with ready-to-deploy RPA bots and Digital Workers. Shorten time to value and simplify automating across Sales, call centers, and technologies with pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations.

Bot Store

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